this boy will be the death of me


Behind the Lens - New York City || Featuring Jack & Finn

Jack Harries in Behind The Lens
Anonymous asked: who's ella grace denton??

Jack’s girlfriend x

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In December of last year I travelled to surprise Ella in Australia. She had been travelling for 3 months and had another 3 to go. With the help of Ella’s best friend I organised to travel out and see her on her birthday. I filmed the process as a way of showing friends and family what happened. 

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Anonymous asked: WAIT ella as in ella grace denton awwww but aw my heart just broke because jack <3 <3 does finn have a gf?

Omg I feel youuu, but they seem like a really happy couple and as long as Jack’s happy I’m all in for the shippin’ :P Yeah he does! Her name’s Emma Bates. 

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Anonymous asked: ella is his cousin yes?

Ella is Jack’s girlfriend :) x 

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